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Our Concrete Repair Process


Mud Jacking, often called Slab Jacking, is the viable alternative to replacing a concrete slab driveway, sidewalk or garage floor. The process actually “floats” the slab back into place with minimal cosmetic repair necessary.

1. Prepare mud, grouting mixture

The grout mixture used in a slab jacking is usually a combination of cement, sand, limestone and various other additives. The grout offers a strong base beneath the existing slab that provides long lasting support.

2. Drill holes into concrete slab

A pattern of injection holes are drilled into the pad. The size and frequency of the holes depends on the thickness of the pad and type of repair that needs to be done.

3. Pump mud under the concrete

Using specialized equipment, the mud is pumped under pressure to fill cavities and to hydraulically raise the slab to the desired height.

4. Fill holes with matching concrete

Once the pad is level, the holes are filled with concrete to match the surface. Mud Jacking is a fraction of the cost to repair the full slab. The process and fast and clean and doesn’t disturb your yard or garden.