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Fast, effective cement repair


Mudjacking is the fastest way to revitalize you home and yard. Mudjacking is still one of the most effective ways to repair concrete, cement and pavement slabs that are sunken, cracked or sloped. Our method of pumping the mud slurry underneath the slab is non invasive to your home and garden and on most projects we're able to complete everything in a single day.

No need to remove the old concrete slab means that our process is extremely fast. In most cases the concrete can be used the same day of repair. Completely tearing up a pad means more time for removal and a full day to build a concrete form and to pour and dry the new pad.

Your old concrete will be resurfaced where we needed to drill holes. We patch the holes with cement that most closely matches the color. The grout slurry builds a long lasting supportive structure underneath your cement driveway, sidewalk or patio.