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We Repair Sloped Concrete


Is your concrete slab sloped and in need of repair?

As the ground settles concrete can become sloped. Voids and spaces under concrete can be caused from a number of factors such as ground settling, water washing away soil, or general errosion. If your concrete slab is starting to slope or has cracks and slopes, in most cases it can be fully repaired without requiring replacement.

Mud Jacking is a great option for repairing sloped concrete slabs. Its a fraction of the cost of replacemnt and the concrete can be used the same day of repair. Its important to repair sloped driveways, sidewalks, garage pads and concrete patios before the damage becomes to severe and must be completely replaced.

Our mud jacking equipment is compact and leaves your home and garden clean and tidy. We service Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary and everything inbetween. Feel free to give us a call and we can come and give you an on-site estimate.