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We Repair Sunken Concrete


Fast & Affordable repair of cracked, broken concrete

Broken and sunken concrete can become a hazard. Many of our clients had considered completely replacing their concrete before the discovered Mud Jacking. Mud jacking, also called Slab jacking or concrete grouting is the method of injecting a mud slurry underneath a concrete pad in order to fill voids and restore the pad to its original state. The mud is injected under pressure and floats the pad back into position. It also creates a long lasting footing to support the pad in the future. The drill holes are filled with concrete and your pad will look brand new.

Sunken concrete in garage pads, driveways, sidewalks, walkways and patios not only create hazards but also deteriorate the look of your home and yard. Mud Jacking concrete restoration is a fraction of the cost of cement pad replacement.