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We repair concrete & cement pool and patio decks


We can raise your sunken pool or patio deck to original state and create stable weight bearing support underneath the cement. Mudjacking cement repairs are done for much less than the cost of replacement. If you’re pool deck or pool patio has shifted and is starting to sink, its best to have it leveled before more cracking occurs. High traffic areas around pools can become hazardous when the ground is uneven.

Our method of traditional mudjacking is completely environmentally friendly, leaves no mess and lets you use your pool and deck immediately after we’ve completed the work. Provincial Mud jacking can safely and efficiently raise and level your concrete pool deck in one day. Predictable results create many successful projects and satisfied customers.

Mud jacking only takes a few hours and in most cases the sidewalk or walkway can be used immediately. The benefits of mudjacking repair are: Much fewer costs, faster than removing and pouring new concrete, no cost or hassle of disposing of the old concrete , no difference in the look of the repaired concrete, no waste.